Kuppy Elbogen & Zimra Choir at Bonei Olam


Kuppy Elbogen & Zimra Choir at Bonei Olam – Montreal, Canada Hundreds of People gathered Monday night November 10 2014, for Bonei Olam’s third dinner in Montreal, featuring inspiring speakers and entertainment by Kuppy Elbogen and the Zimra men’s choir along with Zimra’s brand new boys choir. Bonei Olam is

Great New App “Dig Quest: Israel”


New App “Dig Quest: Israel” Teaches Children About Archaeology In Israel The App seeks “to make available and accessible to audiences around the world the archaeological treasures of Eretz Israel” The Israeli Antiquities Authority is releasing a free app for iPhones and iPads. The app, called “Dig Quest”, is meant

Dovid Lowy: Ata Imadi – You Are With Me


Dovid Lowy: Ata Imadi – You Are With Me – Feat. Abie Rotenberg Every once in a while a new artist comes along and makes you fall in love with Jewish music all over again. With the release of his debut album Ata Imadi, Dovid Lowy has earned a spot

Hezbollah Smuggling Weapons


Hezbollah Smuggling Weapons to Brazilian Criminal Gangs The prominent Brazilian newspaper, O Globo reported recently that the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist group has links with Brazil’s largest criminal gang, First Capital Command (PCC). According to the O Globo report on November 9, the Brazilian government has tried to minimize the issue

Baruch Dayan Haemet

We are very sad to announce the passing of Daniel Posner son of  Judy Posner and brother of Noam.  Shiva: Judy and Noam will be sitting Shiva in Seattle throughSunday morning at 6133 Oakhurst Road South. Judy can be reached at 206-769-8769. Judy and Noam will be returning to Los



LA Eruv To Close- Unless you help! The LA Eruv has just sent out an urgent appeal to the entire Los Angeles Jewish Community regarding upcoming construction and expenses totaling at over $90,000. To donate please visit laeruv.com Below you can read the Email sent out to the Jewish community regarding

Family Holds Brit at Har Nof Synagogue


Day After Deadly Attack, Family Holds Brit at Har Nof Synagogue It was business as usual at the Jerusalem synagogue on Wednesday morning following the devastating Palestinian terror attack that left four rabbis and a Druze policeman dead the previous day.  The morning Shacharit prayer services were full of worshipers

mazel tov baby girl

Mazel Tov to   Lauren & Jeffrey Stern and the entire family on the birth of a baby girl!    May Lauren and Jeffrey merit to raise her to Torah, chupah, and maasim tovim!

Israelis Escort Druze Police Officer to Burial


Haredi Israelis Escort Druze Police Officer to Burial Har Nof Rabbi: We Have Much to Learn From the Druze Community Thousands of Israelis from across the country, including the Haredi community, came to pay their respects to the Druze police officer, Zidan Saif, 30, who fell in the line of duty

Rabbi Mosheh Twersky Laid To Rest


“If There Are 36 Hidden Righteous Men in a Generation, We Merited to Have One Right Here” Rabbi Mosheh Twersky was escorted to his final resting place by 3,500 mourners today. “G-d gave us a special soul…if there are 36 hidden righteous people in a generation, we merited to have