DAF YOMI: Megilah 18

Daf Yomi

Daf Yomi: Megilah 18 By Rabbi Avraham Zajac Brought to you by The Eiden Project

Day 22 of Operation’ Protective Edge’ – Netanyahu: Gaza Op Will Go On Until Tunnel Threat Stopped


TEL AVIV – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv on Monday evening, July 28, sharing the grief of the families of IDF soldiers who have fallen in the war against Hamas and outlining Israel’s strategy to defeat Hamas. “There is no

IDF Chief of Staff Visits Soldiers in Gaza


IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, extended words of encouragement to the soldiers in Gaza, who are working to eliminate Hamas’ tunnel threat against Israel. <iframe width=”500″ height=”281″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/oKbjgaT2mv0?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Netanyahu: Prepare for Long Campaign

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed Israeli citizens on live television Monday evening after Hamas fired a mortar shell that killed four people in southern Israel. “We knew that we would have difficult days,” he said. “This is a hard and painful day.” “Patience and determination are required in order to

URGENT: LA Jewish Community is Uniting for Tefillah & Inspriation


The Los Angeles Community is uniting and gathering for Tefillah and words of inspiration, from renowned Roshi Yeshivah Click on image below for more information:

DAF YOMI: Megilah 17

Daf Yomi

Daf Yomi: Megila 17 By Rabbi Avraham Zajac Click for full audio

Car Bomb Attack Prevented

car bomb

JERUSALEM – A car bomb driven by an Arab terrorist was caught this morning at an IDF checkpoint near Beitar.  An initial investigation indicates that a massive terror attack was thwarted this morning. An Arab driver approached the checkpoint at a suspicious pace, thus alerting the soldiers manning the checkpoint.

Day 20 of Operation ‘Protective Edge’ – Humanitarian Ceasefire and Rocket Fire Continue


Despite rockets and mortars fired at several civilian targets last night, which have severely wounded one civilian, the Security Cabinet voted last night to extend the humanitarian cease fire for another 24 hours on the UN’s behest, ending tonight at 9 PM. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon,

Hamas’ Mega-Attack through Gaza Terror Tunnels Exposed

IDF soldiers standing over the entrance to an uncovered terror tunnel. Credit: IDF spokesman.

JERUSALEM – Hamas had been preparing a murderous massive assault on Israeli civilian targets during the upcoming Jewish New Year holiday, Rosh Hashanah – this according to anonymous sources in the Israeli security services cited by the Israeli daily Maariv. Hamas had been planning a surprise attack where 200 fighters would

VALLEY ERUV: Parshat Masei – the Eruv is UP


July 25, 2014  - 27 Tammuz 5774 Parshat Masei – Birkat HaChodesh – the Eruv is UP The Valley ERUV is UP