Moshe Feiglin Visits The Temple Mount

Moshe Feiglin Temple Mount F

Knesset Member Moshe Feiglin on his scheduled monthly ascent to the Temple Mount, as filmed by Muslims. Muslim organizations associated with and funded by the Islamic Movement of Israel and Hamas photograph, film and post on social media every Jew who ascends the Temple Mount, apparently with the intention of

Parshat Ki Tavo – the Eruv is UP


September 12, 2014-18 Elul 5774 Parshat Ki Tavo the Eruv is UP The Eruv is Unsponsored To sponsor or to pay for your yearly Eruv dues please visit LAERUV.COM

Parshat Ki Tavo: LA Candle Lighting 6:45 PM

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September 12, 2014-18 Elul 5774 Parshat Ki Tavo LA Candle Lighting 6:45 PM Plag: 5:46 PM

Rabbi Yosef Raksin Remembered- Shloshim


The South Florida Orthodox Jewish community came together Tuesday to remember a rabbi who was killed a month ago while walking to a Northeast Miami-Dade synagogue. Under a crowded tent in the neighborhood where 60-year-old Yosef Raksin visited his daughter in early August, a new Torah scroll was started. Each

Jewbellish – Turned Down For What !?!

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Jewbellish releases their latest music video: Turned Down For What “A heartbreaking story of a few Jewish mothers and a matchmaker.” Based on a true story. Think of it as a modern day Fiddler on the Roof. via: Written and Directed by: Mendy Pellin Produced & Cinematography by: Tafari Gonzalez-Aird

TJL #253 – Rosh Hashana 5775


TJL #253- Rosh Hashana 5775 Edition. Click on full story to view the digital edition. Wishing you A Happy Sweet New Year!

A Unique Yeshivah College Program


BAIS TORAS MENACHEM A Unique Yeshivah College Program Turns Boys into Mentchen! The ordinary Yeshivah system is not for everyone and many of our boys are on the outside looking in. But to let these potential leaders in our community just fall through the cracks is a tragedy that we,

Ari Fleischer: 9/11 with President Bush


Former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer sent out a series of tweets Thursday detailing what took place 13 years ago on the day of the September 11 attacks. “It just somehow feels fitting to share what I know, 8:40am, 9-11, 2001: I was in the motorcade 4 the drive from

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NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — The evidence is gone, but the damage is done. The owner of a kosher meat shop in Northeast Philadelphia arrived Thursday morning to find symbols of hate – swastikas – painted all over the windows. It has rattled the entire neighborhood. Merryl Landers has worked in